Close-up of blue woman eye with contact lens applying, macro lens

Everyone knows someone who wears Contact Lenses. They have become such a comfortable alternative to glasses being worn either full time, or simply for special occasions and or sport.

Disposable contact lenses are available for Daily, Fortnightly or Monthly replacement. Even patients with moderate amounts of astigmatism may be suitable for disposable contact lenses.

Extended wear contact lenses may be worn for up to 30 days without removal. For many people with busy lives the convenience of having a lens you can sleep in was thought to be a great alternative. However; we now know that sleeping, without removing lenses, can significantly increase the risk of an infection or corneal ulcers (researchers suggest the increased risk is 20 times greater). The latest Research indicates extended wear contact lens patients will average at least one infection every 2 years. Better to be safe than sorry, please remove your lenses every night.

Daily disposable contact lenses are worn for 1 day only, then thrown away. Daily disposable lenses are the most popular option for contact lens wearers around the world:

  1. There is no need to use chemicals / preservatives, which may result in adverse reactions.
  2. Low risk of infection because a new, clean lens is worn every day.
  3. Your eyes get a break every night.

If the powers and shapes are not yet available in daily disposable, then we may have to choose fortnightly….

Fortnightly disposable contact lenses are daily-worn for 2 weeks then thrown away. They need to be stored overnight in a suitable chemical.

Monthly disposable lenses are worn as the name suggests for 30 days. The Care and Maintenance is the same as for fortnightly lenses. They should be removed every night.

When prescribing contact lenses, our aim is to provide the combination of excellent fit and comfort with best value for money.