“First and foremost, health care and disease prevention are key. But for me, I also, in part, judge my success as an eye care practitioner on how often I have to recommend the client should change their prescription. Although some change is inevitable as time passes, I feel I’m doing a good job if my clients do not need frequent updates in their products. Much of my career has been focused┬ánot only on helping clients to see clearly, but understanding and applying new research techniques that may slow down visual change”.

Richard Holdom

Eye optical studio has offered, in recent years, obligation and cost free visual screening assessments to local schools in an attempt to identify any children whose visual system may be hindering their progress at school. It is our view that in a very visually dependent environment such as the classroom, children who are visually inefficient are unlikely to fulfill their potential and may even fall “out of love” with learning. For those children at risk, simple strategies and/or eye exercises may be all that is needed but usually further binocular assessment is required.