You don’t need glasses? You still need an eye test


Whether you need glasses or not, an annual routine eye examination is important for checking the overall health of your eyes. An optometrist can often diagnose many eye conditions and disease well before you will notice any symptoms.

During an eye examination, your optometrist will check muscle movement and how well your eyes work together. They will use an eye chart to check how well you can see. Your peripheral vision will be tested as well as your pupils reaction to light. Eye pressure is also checked, as abnormal pressure can indicate glaucoma.

Sometimes your optometrist may be required to dilate your pupils for a more thorough investigation of the internals and back of the eye. Dilating drops will make you sensitive to light, and create some blur which will gradually wear off over 3-4 hours.

Eye conditions such as glaucoma and macular degeneration can creep up on you without any noticeable symptoms. Early treatment is important to maintaining optimum vision and reducing or stopping progress of the disease.

So if you think it’s been more than two years since your last eye test, call today and make an appointment. You only have one set of eyes, look after them.